It’s 3032 and mankind has conquered the stars. Strange creatures walk among us, but we are the aliens now, finding homes among the various races of other worlds. LONE WOLF AUDIO NARRATED BY MATT DUNBAR WRITTEN BY DELLANI OAKES!

Marc Slatterly and Matilda DuLac are members of the Galactic Mining Guild and they encounter a problem with a product in deep space. After contacting their command, they are told to expect someone to pick up the troublesome Trimagnite ore from them – a Gypsy, of sorts…

Enter the Lone Wolf – Wil VanLipsig has lived a long, and not so happy life. Genetically altered by the Galactic Marines decades ago, he looks 25, when he’s really far older. It’s obvious after this first encounter, he and Marc have a history.

 Action filledReviewed in the United States on July 5, 2021Verified PurchaseGet ready for a superb ride into the future. Mining the huge vacant planets is a necessity for the minerals and metals that the civilized world needs and the universe now has a Mining Guild that controls the ships and the extraction of ore. Jealousy, control, revenge, and more are all part of the hidden emotions of some the characters. Then there are the enhance humans, the hidden elderly couple that introduce a paranormal element, and a spaceship that was loaded to disintegrate if the devices are not located or wires untangled. Different races join the struggle Will the Lone Wolf and his new mate survive? If they survive, what will happen on this new planet?


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