“Spooky and impossible to put down” – Saving Cassie (Fairfield Corners Book 1) by L.A. Remenicky

Some secrets are too dangerous to keep.After ten years in the big city, Cassie Holt is back in Fairfield Corners. She may look like the same girl who left home a decade before but she’s hiding a dark truth from everyone. When her life is threatened by the demons of her past, her best friend—who happens to be the local sheriff—offers his help.Deputy Logan Miller has been burned by love. He’s not looking to get involved but duty calls when the sheriff tasks him with Cassie’s protection. Thrown into close quarters with the gorgeous bookseller, sparks fly. Logan is drawn to Cassie, but it’s hard to get close to someone who keeps themselves guarded all the time. To keep Cassie safe, Logan must open his heart but that’s something he swore he’d never do.

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Spooky and impossible to put down

I have to start by saying that this book was a pleasure to read. It is also the first that I have read by L.A. Remenicky. That being said, I found her characters to be real, believable, down-to-earth and charming.
Cassie is a woman who has never felt “right” in her own skin and things start to happen that make absolutely no sense at all. First, her parents are killed leaving her orphaned and alone with her grandmother. Then her grandmother dies in a mysterious way leaving Cassie the sole heir of the house she grew up in and her grandmother’s book store. All places that mean a great deal to her, but somehow host something out to get her.
Logan is a new cop who just happens to meet Cassie in typical cop fashion…she gets a speeding ticket. He has no knowledge that his boss, the sheriff, is also Cassie’s best friend and the closest thing to a relative she has now. Logan is immediately drawn to Cassie and it slowly reveals itself in a haunting and highly anticipated way. Logan was sent to save Cassie from the demon entity that inhabited a “friend” from her parents’ past. Spooky, right? I thought so too. How do you fight a demon? How do you hold onto the love of your life and the warmth of the past? What happens when that demon is dead set on destroying not only you but everything you thought you could ever want? Cassie knows.

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