NEW – “An inspirational book for children with activities to prompt the imagination” – THE MAGIC BLANKET written and illustrated by Judy Mastrangelo

Amy’s fantastical adventure begins when her Mother gives her a Magic Blanket that she decorated with pictures of a Wondrous Dream World. As Amy goes to bed that night, a little Elf hops out of the Blanket and asks her to go with him on an exciting voyage to this Fairy Tale Realm. She happily agrees, and upon arrival, he introduces her to the Royal King and Queen, and other whimsical little people, who invite Amy to see their incredible “Enchanted Land”. The two friends attend a Fairy Ball, go to Musical Performances of Frogs and Crickets, enjoy a delicious Mushroom Tea Party with tiny Woodland Creatures, and play tag with Pegasus as they fly through the Stars. Among other wonderful things, they also visit the Man in the Moon, slide down a Rainbow, and visit the lovely Lullaby Lady, who watches over little Children sleeping in the Clouds.

When Amy returns home from her delightful journey, she learns that, in her Mind, she can create an amazing, happy, and beautiful World of Dreams to visit at any time. Her Mother’s Magic Blanket was an entrance to this “Enchanted Land”, which is a Realm where Goodness Reigns and all who are kindhearted are welcome to enter.

Children and Parents alike will love reading this Fairy Tale book together, with its charming illustrations and captivating adventures. And since this is part of Judy’s series of “Come Play With Me” books, along with the story, it also contains several engaging, fun-filled, and Artistic things to do. Some of these Activities are Baking Yummy Cookies, Coloring Pages, Performing a Play, Learning the Magic of Colors, and Painting Rainbows and Scenes from your Imagination.

Roy H. Worley

An inspirational book for children with activities to prompt the imagination

The Magic Blanket is a delightful story that will inspire children and parents alike. The story will prompt the child to have dreams of comfort and imagination. Activities listed provide an uplifting opportunity for parents to engage with their children beyond reading the story. The coloring pages give the child the chance to put their own stamp on the story making it a very personal one.

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