Fantastical stylized fine art portrait of a shirtless man emerging from reflective water with setting sun and

Bethia, Bet to her friends met Arthan, a Vicillian while in basic. They became partners and fought their way to the top two places in their class. Crewing on the Long Sword is any rookie’s dream berth. The gray all over alien interests her until she learns his secret.
His confession doesn’t bring her closer, but Arthan felt he must be honest with Bet now that they have a place. He wants the Caletan female, but isn’t sure how to attract her. Gray hair, skin and eyes, he’s colorless.
Arthan’s father is about to cause more trouble. The pirate leader wants what his father promised them and will get it from Arthan any way he can. The plan is to kidnap Bet and force Arthan to ransom her.
Greenhouse 2 becomes a trap for Arthan and Bet when the pirates find them while on leave. Can they get out of the swamp aliv

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