“Romance at its finest!” – A Dilemma for Daisy (The Monday Mystery Society Book 4) by Carol Ann Kauffman

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Daisy Mazlo faces a dilemma. She’s met the man of her dreams in Cooper MacNeill, a gentleman in every sense of the word, tall, handsome, wealthy, witty, and very interested in her. But Daisy can’t accept his love, so she runs away, moving back to Oakville where she grew up to sort out her feelings. Will the small loving community of her past help her find herself? Will Cooper come after her? Will a letter be pivotal in resolving Daisy’s dilemma?

Will love win out?

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Valerie Roberson

One guy, you think you are in Love, One guy you know you are in Love, which loves will win out?

I really enjoyed this book by Carol Ann Kauffman. Romance at its finest! It is hard enough to find the right person for you out there, but two?
Daisy is a city girl, Chicago, working hard and living her life. Talking to her friend about the perfect man, they both giggle. Daisy walked out onto the street to be greeted by a mugger. Daisy took him down swinging. All of a sudden a man helps her out and he is that perfect man they were talking about. They fell in love with each other on the spot.
Cooper is a person short of being a gangster. He does not kill people, just takes them for all they are worth for his clients. For some reason, that doesn’t bother Daisy at first, but when his life is in danger and she overhears a man talking about the real Cooper and what he does, she leaves.
Daisy is now back in the town she first lived in and has a good job, a nice house, and is very happy, sort of. One of the town men tries to be friends with her just as she gets bad news from Chicago. What Daisy doesn’t know, is that she is being spied on.
It all comes down to where she has to decide between the city guy or the country guy? Which one does she pick? Which one would you pick?

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