I have been an entertainer my entire life. I started at an early age dancing, I loved the whole part of having a team, compassion, competition, and adrenaline. After dancing to several years, I realized how much I connect to music and how I can use my voice and dance on the side. That is when I turned to music and made my journey take off. I have always had a huge dream to be an artist since I was young. As I got older I really started to take initiative in my career. I started auditioning for different TV shows regarding music. I sang every day and really used my time to self-meditate and talk to myself about the things I really want in life. I told myself to never compare myself to anyone and to always be myself no matter what the circumstances are.

The people who have been huge supporters along the way are my family, best friends and Aunt Frani. My journey is now starting to take off and without them it would not be an easy ride. Really having a set goal and having people behind you to support you really makes you want to push harder for not only yourself but for them. I have tried out for the voice in Georgia in 2018. I made the first round of the auditions and the second round I did not do my best so did not go through to the next round. I was upset but I did not let it bring me down. I realized you are always going to have days where you just do not do your best and that is okay. I waited a year and came across vocal star and made top 10 and flew out to California for an amazing opportunity. I now have my debut single “ Eat your heart out” getting released on New Years of 2021.

Vocal star changed my life in many ways, I was just a girl with a dream and now I am living in my dream. Vocal star gave me the opportunity that a lot of other young adults do not have so I am extremely grateful for that. I flew out to Nashville a couple months after my auditions in LA and wrote some amazing music with a lot of very talented individuals. Bring in the studio and being able to hear yourself just set yourself free in your feelings was truly one of the best moments. Working so hard for something you want really pays off and taught me to always believe in yourself because without you being your own supporter you will not have any true supporters. If you want to pursue something you need to have confidence in yourself so you can push to your goal. I had to put a lot of things aside and really look at the bigger picture of life. If there is any of you out there who truly love doing something but do not think you are good enough, think again because you have to chase your dreams, dreams wont chase you!! I just finished my music video to “Eat your heart out” that will hopefully be dropping soon after the release date to my song. On January 1, 2021. NEW YEARS!!! This music video was truly a blast, I worked with some amazing people. My music video took about 4 months to come to a wrap, while filming a music video it can take some time because if one thing is done wrong or you don’t like a certain part then you have to back track and do that part again until you’re all happy with that scene. But it was an incredible experience, and I cannot wait to continue to film and release more music to the world. I came to the focus of writing the song “eat your heart out” in regards of me being okay with not being okay. In other words, I knew l would grow as a person and be okay one day. I sat in the studio and worked with an amazing writer and had some help and talked about my feelings and wrote bullet points about my situation and just really connected to the lyrics and wanted it to be this pop song that girls/ guys can really jam to in the car screaming it and letting their emotions out.

“Eat your heart out” was written about a past heartbreak. This song relates to me and other young teens that are/have gone through a rocky relationship. Writing eat your heart out was definitely tough for me because of the emotional connection I had with those lyrics, having to sing a song that really shows your emotion just makes other individuals connect with your music and situation a whole other level. My goal in my music career to have people know they are not alone, and that people go through different things everyday no matter who they are. Never feel alone when you are having a rough time being after the rain will come a rainbow. 



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