NOW LIVE – Christmas Bell (Sweet Christmas Series Book 7) by Best-Selling author Samantha Jacobey

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Life isn’t always sweet, even for girls called Candy.

When Candice Parker married the love of her life on Christmas Eve, her romance with Gerald Ford became a family affair. Over the years, their network of friends and loved ones has grown as they faced perils great and small… together.

As the pandemic rages, the group they have affectionately come to call ‘the bubble’ trudges on, making their way in the new normal that has evolved around them. But when one member of their group falters, it could put the entire collection in harm’s way.

This year, Candy will face the daunting task of holding their lives together. Keeping the peace has never been her strong suit, but when Bella needs her most, Candy will give it her best to be there for her… and might finally find her calling.

Will the pressures of an unplanned pregnancy be a teenage girl’s demise? Or can Candy help her mend what was broken in time to enjoy their holiday cheer…

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