“Wonderful book in a wonderful series!” – What the Heart Sees (New Beginnings Book 4) by Trish Edmisten

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Being born blind, Ken has always lived a sheltered life, thanks to his overprotective mother and older sisters. If it wasn’t for his best friend, Stone, he’d never have any kind of freedom, let alone a life. Twenty-one years old and still living at home, Ken is ready to be independent. When he moves into his own apartment and meets his new neighbor, Cassandra, he knows he’s made the right decision. Ken wants Cassandra, and the feeling seems to be mutual, but he’s worried. Can she accept that he can be everything she needs, or will she let his blindness keep her from taking a chance?

Audrey B

Wonderful book in a wonderful series!

Must buy! You will fall in love with these characters Trish Edmisten’s New Beginnings series is my absolute favorite and was looking forward to this to be released ever since I read the preview for Ken’s story and saw him in other books. I preordered it the second it went up and was beyond excited to see it in my library this morning.
THIS BOOK AND THIS SERIES. I love them so much. They’re so realistic and the dialogue feels authentic and natural and every conversation they have isn’t some poetic monologue. The interpersonal relationships are so REAL and wonderful. And the characters are honest and insightful and I want to be their friends/feel like I am.
I’ve been SO excited about Stone’s story since I started the series and this book made me even more excited and fall more in love with Joss.
Love Cassandra and Ken’s story  Now it’s time to reread the first three and then reread this one!! The only thing I dislike about this series is the cover art. I almost passed by this series because of it, I’m such a “judge a book by its cover” person but I’m so glad I got pulled in by the book descriptions because this series is SO GOOOOOD

Trish 4

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