“Lawrencovna’s imagination is remarkable!” – Tumbling After: A Mother Goose Legend by Andi Lawrencovna

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Jack and Jill Went up a Hill…Or so the rhyme goes. But that’s not the story here. This is the story of Jaq who went off to war, and Gill who could not follow after. Who, despite the years apart, the distance between them, the hills that rose and fell and needed to be crossed before they found each other again…never forgot the other, and could never let the other go. But stories aren’t all about reunions. And sometimes those who return are not the same as when they left. When your world is turned on its head, how do you learn to accept yourself for who you’ve become? How can you accept the love of another, when you’ve forgotten how to love yourself? In this retelling of a childhood rhyme, it’s not about who follows who up any hill…it’s about who comes tumbling after, and rises together in the end…

Larrencovna’s imagination is remarkable!

Viv Drewa

For an author to weave a story is a gift, but Lawrencovna does so much more than just weave a story. She brings to life characters we’ve grown up with and puts an extremely unique spin on them.
In Tumbling After, Jaq and Gill find themselves separated by war. After a very long time, they are reunited but the war changed Jaq. Will Jaq and Gill be able to love again?

I highly recommend this, and all of Andi Lawrencovna’s, books!

Tumbling After


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