“An excellent collection of short stories from Ella’s life” – Wishing Upon An Elf by Andi Lawrencovna

Some stories should never end, and some stories have beginnings you’ve never heard before. In the NeverLands, Fairy Tales aren’t quite like you remember, and these stories are only the beginnings…

Promised the Night

Before she was the Queen of Assassins, Ella was an elf searching for her place amongst her people. Called die Aren, Little Fox, she was sent on a mission too far off lands full of demons who live in the flames, eating the Shadows of her power. But that power is great, and the demons who would subdue her will learn the strength living in the Dark.

Ella’s First Ball

For immortal races, one hundred years is not long at all. One hundred balls, on the other hand, is something entirely different, having to dance and smile and pretend to enjoy the charade year after year. But this is the Elichisolos’ first ball, and she has never met the prince of the palace before and knows only the prize of his death that she is determined to claim for herself. Except the prince isn’t what she expected, and an assassin who can’t make the kill must find her way to the dance instead.

In the Still of the Night

After a year of believing the love of his life was dead, Kit finally learns her fate is more than he could ever have dreamed of, but his fate is not something he would wish on anyone to have to live with. Crushed by the weight of what he suffered at his uncle’s hands, Kit cannot find his way to believing his chance at happiness can still be possible, until a breath of a kiss made In the Still of the Night.

*These stories should all be read after Charming: The Complete Crown and Daggers Series as they involve characters from the main series.


An excellent collection of short stories from Ella’s life

These three short stories are all based on Ella, and different stages of her life (and so should be read after the Charming books):

Promised the Night
This story takes place when she is still a very young Elf (known as Little Fox), and is sent on a mission to the faraway land of the demons with a team of her fellow assassins. But when all doesn’t go to plan, Ella is about to discover what the Darkness and the future have in store for her, and the demons that this Little Fox is not too easy to snare.

Ella’s First Ball
The story of the first Birthday Ball that Ella goes to, where she and Kit meet for the first time. Whilst these events are referred to In later stories, it’s lovely to read the actual story first hand!

In the Still of the Night
This story takes place later, following the return of Kit to the Palace after events at his Uncle’s. Struggling to cope with life, especially in the long dark nights, without Ella at his side (he believed her dead), what would be given to have her returned to him?

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