“Recommended for lovers of darker fairytales!” – The River Siren: And Other Stories from the Sea Shore by Andi Lawrencovna

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Not all sirens are made from thingamabobs and dreams of the sand, some live deep beneath the waters where men should fear to tread.

There are stories of myths and legends that you have never heard before.

Stories of creatures born at the beginning of time, seeking life beyond the oceans that birthed it, not knowing what it will find onshore when it emerges to the world of land-walkers, or what those land walkers will do at its emergence.

Stories of a quiet lake, a haven in the middle of the woods, where the darkest of creatures lies in wait for the careless to approach.

Stories from the heart of the Amazon, where the river runs fastest and the tribesman remember the myths their families were built upon, where a siren lives waiting for her song to be heard, waiting to tempt the unwary to her side, never to return them again. She’s been waiting for ages, snaring the undeserving in her spell, or is it that she’s been taking only the worthy, hunting down the wicked with the help of the men she chooses to be her followers?

They’ve all been waiting for their stories to be told, to tempt, to betray…

Are you brave enough to step foot into the waves and see where the shores will take you?

Be warned, not all myths and legends end happily ever after.

Some stories will pull you under and never let you go.


Recommended for lovers of darker fairytales!

A book of short stories relating to water spirits. A great read and highly recommended reading for all lovers of darker fairytales! Can I also thank the author for the recommendation (in the intro) of the book Rejected Princesses by Jason Porath – an excellent read!!

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