“Loved meeting all the characters and I will be looking forward to more” – Going Inksane (Nice Ink Book 1) by Trish Edmisten

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For the last five years, Heath Mitchell’s only priority has been running a successful tattoo shop. Relationships haven’t been on his radar, but as his thirtieth birthday gets closer, Heath realizes just how lonely he is. Like an answer to his prayers, Ned Nice comes into his shop. Despite the instant attraction between them, a dark secret in Ned’s past makes him afraid to get too close to Heath. Ned isn’t the only one with secrets though. Heath is hiding a secret so big it could be a deal-breaker. Can Heath and Ned find a way to overcome the demons of their pasts, or is it insane to try?
Author’s Note: This is a 91,000 word novel with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Trigger warning: Mentions of prior sexual assault.


Fantastic! Loved it!

This is a great book from a new to me author. Usually, I don’t really try many new things without a recommendation but came across this, it sounded interesting and like something I’d enjoy so I decided to give it a chance. Very very glad I did!

Firstly hot inked men, yes, please. Secondly, family connections-one of my favorite things. I absolutely love series about families whether by blood or brotherhood. Thirdly, more sexy men-in uniform and a slightly geeky writer. It’s like the author set out to hook me-probably not, but it worked anyway!

I really liked Heath & Ned’s connection and how they worked together. There wasn’t as much naughty time as some but it fit the story and the chemistry and passion was there regardless. They worked out their conflict towards the end maybe not ideally but realistically.

Overall a well done, engaging book. Loving and sexy. some serious moments but plenty of lighter moments and of course gotta have sarcasm and teasing when you’ve got families involved. Loved meeting all the characters and I will be looking forward to more. Wonder who is next!

Trish Going Inksane Nice Ink Book 1

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