Planet Crisis: An Adar Genn – Cat and CoDee Story


Adar isn’t into babysitting. But the goddess says the odd couple have something he needs.

A planet in trouble needs all the help it can muster. The Mercenary Union and the Life Foundation from Stellar United Nations have mobilized every available hand and transport available. Both CoDee and Cat are to get a short training course. The union and the foundation need the couple too much to send them off for basic training.
Adar isn’t happy about babysitting CoDee. The boy knows next to nothing about working with a crew of tough men. But the boy and his cat are interesting. Then Adar finds he may need CoDee’s help on a little matter for a goddess.

Planet CrisisReviewed in the United Kingdom on August 9, 2020Verified PurchaseCherime MacFarlane is an excellent author. I’m familiar with her realistic romances, but in Planet Crisis she demonstrates that she is equally adept at co-writing excellent science fiction stories too.

From the atmospheric cover, to the engaging storyline to the well-crafted prose Planet Crisis is a quality read. At novella length, this is a story that can be enjoyed in one sitting, and therefore is ideal for when you have an hour to spare or are looking to offer your mind an enjoyable, diverting break.

Highly recommended. I also suggest you check out the author’s extensive back catalogue, especially if you have an interest in romance or Alaska.

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