NEW FROM CAROL ANN KAUFFMAN – September Solitude: A Cat Collier Mystery

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The Cat Collier mystery short story series is described as a cross between Nancy Drew and Mike Hammer. Follow Mary Catherine (Cat) Collier on her journey from small-town obituary writer for the local newspaper to big New York City detective in this series, starting with January Black Ice.

In her latest adventure September Solitude, Cat Collier, now married with two children, questions what she wants to do with the rest of her life, and where she wants to live.
Tracking down a baby girl given up for adoption over twenty years ago meets with disastrous results.
A midmorning bank heist in a nearby city implicates Nola in an armed robbery.
Old cases collide with new ones in the middle of the lobby of the Palazzo Castellano.
A murder. A runaway. Another secret society. Cat joins force with a band of Asian women to lure a killer.
Personal relationships are tested to the limits.
The Skampotti Family shows Cat what ‘All for Family’ truly means.
Cat feels all alone.


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