“Wonderful end to this series, wish it didn’t end!” – Kingdom of Ruin (Dragon of Eriden Book 4) by Samantha Jacobey

Sam kingdom of ruin

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Amicia has discovered the secret of her line, and the heart of Kaliwyn beats within her chest…Ami could not have faced the truth without the support of her dearest friends. Her plans for the future irrevocably altered, she must take on the dragons and stand for what is right over what is easy. Forgiving her mother and father for their deceit, she has made the choice to move against the dragons; but the price has already been high, and the battle has hardly begun…Only through the help of her comrades can the civil war be brought to an end and the shadows that threaten all of Eriden be removed. The finale is near, but the danger will be greater than the group has ever faced. Her power matched by her resolve, Kaliwyn gathers her forces and prepares for the bloody stand they must make by enlisting unlikely supporters wherever she can.Elves, trolls, dwarves, and daemons all take sides in the battle that threatens to rip their kingdom in two. Friends turn and allies fall, but the will of the group to prevail remains strong, even in the darkness of all they have lost.Can they survive the great war that threatens to leave both Eriden and the Rim of Mortals in ruins?

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Viv Drewa

Wonderful end to this series, wish it didn’t end!I read this book in one sitting! I just couldn’t put it down.
I love the way Jaobey brings the mismatched characters in this series together. Through their long journey, Ami is working with her comrades to save Eriden’s civil war, hoping to end it.
Her dragon, Kaliwyn, helps her in these struggles and keeps her going strong.
I very highly recommend this series if you love a great fantasy adventure!

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