“This book was such a delight for me, that I could not put it down!” Flower Fairies: Portal To The Land of Fae by Judy Mastrangelo

Judy flower fairies
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This is the first volume in Judy Mastrangelo’s four-book series entitled “PORTAL TO THE LAND OF FAE”, which tells about the enchanting World of Fairies. The other three books in the series are titled “SECRETS OF THE FAIRIES”, “FAIRYTALE FAIRIES”, and “MYSTICAL FAIRIES”.Judy Mastrangelo is a world-renowned Artist and Author, especially known for her depictions of the Fairy Realm. Her paintings follow in the Fine Art tradition of the “Artists of the Golden Age of Illustration”. This “FLOWER FAIRIES” book tells about the precious Elves and Fairies who live amongst the Flowers. Some examples are the graceful “Rose Fairy”, and the mischievous “Columbine Elf”. Her beautifully intricate and colorful paintings are accompanied by delightful poetic descriptions of each Flower Spirit. Judy’s “PORTAL TO THE LAND OF FAE” books are sure to delight those of all ages who enjoy these amazing, Magical, and Whimsical Beings.

Cindy Damon


I purchased the paperback book FLOWER FAIRIES: PORTAL TO THE LAND OF FAE series, by Judy Mastrangelo. As I removed the book from the package, I looked at it, and a smile instantly came over my face! The book is absolutely stunning! A work of art! The front cover, back cover, and all of the pages inside are beautifully and colorfully illustrated with intricate detail. The covers and pages are glossy, smooth, and soft to the touch. The print is large and very easy to read. I don’t want to give away the book too much, but it tells about the delightful Fairies and Elves that live in an enchanting flower fantasy world! I was captivated, as I was taken away to this secret land! Each page of this book is so intriguing, that after I read each page, I was very excited to go on to the next! This book was such a delight for me, that I could not put it down! I think that this book is great for all ages. Children and adults will really enjoy it! I am so happy that I chose to get the paperback form of this book. It is such a delightful treat, and I will treasure it forever!!!! 💖💖

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