An evil has settled across the kingdom – Betrayal of Honor (Dragon of Eriden Book 3) by Samantha Jacobey

Sam betrayal
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The princess has yet to hear her dragon heart, but many have seen the truth within her…Deeply disturbed by the deathbed confession of the woman who raised her, Amicia Spicer left her home far behind. She has crossed an impossible ocean and landed upon a magical shore, but a fierce dragon hunts her, putting all those who dare to walk by her side in mortal danger…The group has made a home in the north and formed an unlikely alliance with the trolls, but their peace is short-lived. An evil has settled across the kingdom, one that must be faced if the group will have the means to survive, much less return to their families across the sea. Friends and enemies are difficult to discern, and the intentions of all they encounter are in doubt.On the move again, they are taken in by the dwarves, but King Baeweth has his own agenda. Forced to flee in the dead of night, no haven is safe as the battle between the dragons grows, engulfing all the kingdom and setting each against his own in every corner of the land.Will any take their side in the end, or will they be left to stand alone against the enemies of the realm?

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