Rosie, lost and broken, boards the first bus to anywhere. Her luggage comprises nothing more than her hair straighteners and a marmalade cat with attitude.

For Danny, reluctant manager of his late uncle’s sea front bar, living in Shrove is a far cry from his previous life in Spain and the ghosts he thought he’d left behind. When one day, a raven-haired stranger bursts through the door, he suddenly realises there is a reason to stay – despite the hives and the problem down below!

Maggie is delighted to have her nephew home from Spain and living next door. The family B&B, The Brambles is a big responsibility and her mental state is declining rapidly. When she mistakes the airing cupboard for the fridge, a state of emergency is called and Maggie finds herself on the slippery slope to…retirement.

Amidst all the madness, it seems there’s only one place where Rosie and Danny’s budding romance has a chance to blossom – Maggie’s old beach hut. But that’s not just fog they can see in the distance. There’s an intruder on the horizon. And there’s a black cloud of trouble in the form of Septic Sadie who will stop at nothing to win the real man of her dreams.

Can this whirlwind romance survive the impending tangle of secrets and lies?

P.S. Winn4.0 out of 5 stars Hang on for an adventure of lifeReviewed in the United States on June 17, 2016Verified Purchase

This is a romance, but it is not the normal kind you read. This story is more of a real life story with all the hardships and twists and turns we all go through. For Rosie, getting away from an abusive relationship lands her in Shrove and meeting Danny and his aunt Maggie. The story follows being told by Danny and Rosie as their love and life goes through struggles and joys. The author does a good job bringing to the pages an emotional tale of love, life and everything that comes with!

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