“There’s never a dull moment in this fun book !” – Daytona Dead (Laura & Gerry Mystery #3) by Karen Vaughan

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The honeymoon of Laura and Gerry Fitz is off to a fast-paced yet deadly start when they arrive in Florida. There is a maniac behind the wheel who needs to win at all costs. When he wins, life is great but when he loses he is DRIVEN TO KILL!
The first victim off the starting line is Laura’s ex-husband Lou, and she is taking it personally. Mix in a creepy cop and some unexpected surprises, and you have a race for your life. Who will win and who will wipe out?…

Joan Ashley

There’s never a dull moment in this fun book

I’m sure no couple planning a honeymoon plans on ending up in jail on the first night, which is what happens to Laura and Gerry Fitz who have just flown from Canada to Daytona Beach for some sun, fun and loving. No sooner have they picked up their rental car, than they hit the first in a series of obstacles to newlywed bliss – the body of Laura’s ex-husband which just happens to be lying in their path. Ouch. Bizarre coincidence? The cops don’t think so, which is why Laura and Gerry are unceremoniously hauled off to jail.

Laura and Gerry are released when the time of death of her ex-husband is proven to have been before they hit his body, but the drama doesn’t end there. On the contrary, it escalates. Unbeknown to her, Laura is holding a crucial piece of evidence, one that will prove who the real killer is. But even if Laura is oblivious to this fact, the killer isn’t and he’s out to retrieve the evidence at all costs, even if the cost is Laura and Gerry’s lives.

Karen Vaughan spins this entertaining yarn about a honeymoon couple, a psychotic race car driver and crooked cops with wit and humor. The characters are likeable and her attention to the details of police protocol lend plausibility to the plot. There’s never a dull moment in Daytona for Laura and Gerry, which is what makes this such a page-turner. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


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