“… Dalton wishes to instill in her grandson, and in all the children who read her stories.” – Rainbow Learns to Fly by Mary Clark Dalton, Illustrated by Stacy Moody

Rainbow has finally received his beautiful rainbow wings. Now he can’t wait to fly! How hard can it be? he thinks to himself. He’s thrilled when his dad tells him it’s time to learn to fly. Impatience rears its ugly head again as Rainbow is in a hurry to fly. “These things take time, Son. You’ll fly soon,” his father tells him. Follow Rainbow as he learns once again, some things are worth the wait!

Margaret Welwood, Scissortown

Perhaps upon graduation, or maybe on your wedding day, 

or with the birth of a child, you thought you’d arrived—and then found that another journey had just begun. So it is with Rainbow—after all, what does a butterfly need besides wings? And what wings these are, bigger than his dad’s, and glowing with the vibrant colors of Queen Alexandra’s side of the family!
And yet, Rainbow’s dad counsels patience and daily practice, requisites for true competence. Despite his initial impatience and the overconfidence that stems from lack of experience, Rainbow displays a teachable spirit. It is this patience and teachableness that Dalton wishes to instill in her grandson, and in all the children who read her stories.
Rainbow Learns to Fly, the second book in the Rainbow series, builds on the lessons of patience, self-acceptance and helpfulness presented in Rainbow’s Promise. Rainbow is “human” enough to make mistakes, but wise enough to learn from them—and we hope the children who read his stories will also learn from Rainbow’s experiences.


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