“Will the police and DEA agent keep her safe? Will her family find her? ” – The Mermaid With The Seahorse Tattoo by Karen Vaughan

#Cozies, #Mystery #LauraAndGerry, #Sherlock/Holmes

On the surface to think and watch the world go by, Mikayla a mermaid witnesses an violent act and is injured. Found by a tourist, Mikayla can’t remember the event and who or even what she is. Can Damien and the police keep her safe while the bad guys try to find her? Get ready for mystery, fantasy and romance in one book!!!!

Marilyn J. Collier


A charming fantasy tale set a couple of thousand years in the future. Mermaids and Mermen are known to exist as the can shed their scales, fishtail, and fins on land and develop feet on dry land. Once the feet are back into the water, the fins, fishtail, and scales return. The seahorse tattoo identifies one clan. Mikayla has been asked to wed by a merman. She needs to consider this and against her father’s rules heads to the surface. Since her father is also the King of the Clan this is a serious breach. While in a cove thinking about her life, the yacht across the bay has a loud party going on. It is attacked by pirates. They shoot and kill everyone and blow up the boat upon their departure. The explosion throws Mikayla across the water and she lands on her head. A man, a DEA agent on vacation sees it, snaps her picture and secures medical help. The police try to question her in the hospital, but she has amnesia. Her picture is published. The ringleader of the pirates will try to eliminate her. Will the police and DEA agent keep her safe? Will her family find her? Does she recover her memory while falling in love with the DEA agent? If she does recover, is her new love strong enough to keep her on land?


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