“These Stories of Richard and Nicole are remarkable! Each one is more exciting than the other.” – The Baslicato (Time After Time) by Carol Ann Kauffman

Carol baslicato 8-6-18

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When Dr. Brook Wilson agreed to take on celebrity Italian race car driver Jason Maxwell, known as” The Baslicato,” as her patient, little did she realize their relationship would turn her calm, pleasant, well-ordered life upside down, sending her off on dangerous adventures in southern Italy and northern Ohio. As she prepares him for his big race, she must deal with his demented wife while driving her boyfriend, Dr, Garrett MacEgan into acts of criminal desperation in an attempt to hold on to her.
When tall, handsome British actor Richard MacKenzie wakes up in the hospital after an accident, he discovers he’s a short Italian race car driver named Jason Maxwell, known as THE BASLICATO.

Valerie Roberson

Race Car Driver, Italy and Attempted Murder, Another Richard and Nicole AdventureThese Stories of Richard and Nicole are remarkable! Each one is more exciting than the other. It amazes me how they keep finding each other and at least one of them knows who they really are. Carol Ann Kauffman has such a way to bring these two together in such an unusual way.
Richard accidentality ended up in a kidnapped race car driver’s body. The doctor who walked into his room, her name was Brook, but Richard knew it was Nicole. His Nicole! Head trauma said the doctor, but I can fix him with some time. But Richard didn’t have time. There were people out to kill him. So his Father wanted to take him back to his home in Italy and have the doctor come with them. The head of her hospital didn’t want her to go.
More than once someone tried to take their lives. When Nicole returned to America, her longtime companion wanted to marry her and she said no. You see, by now she knew who Richard is. Without giving anything away, you go through many attempts on their lives and you will be surprised who is doing it. Trips back and forth from America to Italy, with adventure in both countries. Nicole does leave the States to live in Italy and open her own hospital. But that’s not where it ends.
With Nicole’s birthday coming up fast, I knew they had to make some kind of changes. The way it was done was a huge cheer and a tear. I really loved this book. Edge of your seat action. Twists and turns and suspense around every corner. Love Carol Ann Kauffman’s work!!

Carol THE BASLICATO Time After Time

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