“The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards are a treasure chest of stories just waiting to be told.” – Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards Cards – by Judy Mastrangelo

Do you have hidden wishes and desires that have been elusive since your youth? Now there is an inspirational oracle that will take you on an exciting adventure of self-discovery and enlightenment! Explore your unique gifts through 50 stunning oracle cards and a quick-and-easy guidebook with whimsical messages that will help you enhance your life and express your deepest feelings. Create a “Mind Painting” of your ideal self—someone who you would like to become—and then ascend to unbelievable heights by developing your imagination. Talented people throughout the ages—great thinkers, authors, poets, painters, and composers—have shared wonderful creations with humankind, and you can too by developing the innate talents that slumber deep within your Soul. This is the place of wizards, magic, and fairies! Prepare to be inspired! Includes 50 art cards and a full-color guidebook.

Mary Nale Attune Magazine

The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards are a treasure chest of stories just waiting to be told.

The Inspirational Visions Oracle is a deck of 50, detail rich, beautiful and colorful painted images. The cards are not numbered and there’s no need to use reversals in this deck. A whimsical wonderland of fairies, dragons, wizards and more are just waiting to help you be more creative by using the inspiring methods that Judy Mastrangelo outlines in this book and deck set. All of the cards are illustrated in full color in the guidebook and listed in alphabetical order. The guidebook is in full glossy color that walks us through the Mind Painting technique used by Judy Mastrangelo to create her enchanting art. I love that the deck comes in a keepsake type of box that is shaped like a book and has a magnetic close lid. On the card face there’s an illustration and a bit of advice below the title. The edges of the cards are done in blue foil and the card stock is sturdy. The card size is slightly larger than a standard tarot deck.
The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards are not just an oracle deck, in fact this deck comes as a whole system to be used to access your creativity and to create art in your mind to later be realized in the medium in which you work. The guidance provided in the booklet, makes this a very unique and versatile deck of cards. I find the illustrations comforting and nostalgic, the colors and the style of each card are just the way I remember the illustrations of my childhood books. The pages of the guidebook describe ways to engage imagination and build confidence in the creation process of your art. All things in this deck and guidebook are geared towards the Mind Painting technique that is explained throughout. The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards can help you to build your intuition and to access your imagination which can then be used to help us become the person we most want to be.
You may choose to use the cards as an actual oracle where you can get answers right from the front of the card or look for more information in the booklet. The guidebook discusses a method of asking your question and quieting your mind to receive your answers. Although the images are whimsical, you can get some great advice from the cards. For example: Alice and the White Rabbit has the message: “Follow adventure down the rabbit hole.” That could be a great answer to a question you have about something you’re thinking of doing or planning. Fairy Honeymoon says, “Life can be eternal bliss when you love and are loved.” The guidebook says: Every day can be a honeymoon, when you give love to your dear ones. To share your world with that special someone is one of the greatest gifts of joy you will ever receive. So open your heart to those you care about, and let them come inside your soul. This is a most priceless experience.
When elves and fairies marry,
They float on wings of love to live and eternal bliss.
In cloud castles, nestled amongst the moon and stars.

Red Feather

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