“A clever retelling of Beauty and the Beast wherein Beauty is more than just the sum of her parts” – So Sweet: A Tale as Old as Time: (A Fairy Tale Retelling) (The NeverLands Saga Book 2) by Andi Lawrencovna

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There once was a castle in the woods, claimed by a terrible Beast…

I was a simple girl, living a simple life of cloths and needles, never seeking adventure, glad to dress those who did. But the world is full of magic, and spells never let rest those caught in their thorns.

A rose by any other name…

The tattoo on my hand was dying, the petals falling faster and faster. All because of the curse within the trees, and those held in its thrall threatening to break free.

What would you give up to save those you love most? What would you risk facing in the Darkness of the Woods?

My name is Amarice. And this is my Tale.

So Sweet


Magical delight

A clever retelling of Beauty and the Beast wherein Beauty is more than just the sum of her parts. Amarice is a simple seamstress, or at least, she believes that until her friend and queen sends her on a dangerous journey that will most likely end in her demise. For Amarice is destined to fight a band of demon brothers who threaten the world, with nothing but her mother’s special needles as her weapons. There is one among the brothers, beautiful and loving, who finds her and cares for her in his enchanted castle, and another, scarred and threatening, who insists he’s the only one she can trust. Will she place her faith in the right man and can she save the world?

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