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Fane Anghelescu, Hellhound Alpha. Over-protective and paranoid, according to his sister. But he swore an oath to a Queen of Hell. He swore to serve body and soul if Lamashtu Anzillu would protect his sister, Roxana.

She’s Hell-born Demon. She broke her oath before the blood was dry on the contract. What happens when Fane finds he has been played?

And if that is not enough, other Hellhound Packs are trying to kill him and annihilate his Pack. And the return of a mystery Pack female, Stefania. Life ain’t simple, that’s certain.

Tarian Green
4.0 out of 5 stars Something different.Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2018This is an unusual book as you’re looking through the eyes of Fane a young hellhound raised on the periphery of the pack with his sister Roxana. At the start, the reader gets an insight into the hellhound pack and the struggle for status and dominance. When their mother dies, the Queen sees potential in Fane and trains him to be a successful Alpha. Both brother and sister learn the skills and acquire abilities in preparation for going topside and into the human world. Once he becomes an Alpha, his loyalty is entirely to his queen, and with that, he is tasked with the destruction of the Lupie pack. Fane takes on the traits of a motorbike loving geek, interested in computers and electronics. Likewise, Roxana hides her beauty under baggy clothes and enjoys fixing bikes. Then once above ground, a mysterious visitor Stephania appears and claims to be a previous member of the pack. Fane is suspicious as she could have been turned by another pack but also feels attraction.
This book is an interesting struggle with one’s own pack, other packs and humans. At first, I was confused but so glad I persevered as the story developed into a page-turning adventure. I enjoyed being in such a different world and seeing things from another perspective. Those who enjoyed the ‘Twilight’ series may also enjoy this one.

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