“I AM IN LOVE!!!” – Madison (Book Four of the M Series) by Ryanne Anthony

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Madison King is the type of woman who is very good at anything she does and fights hard for the people she loves. She’s giving, protective, and only wants the best for those surrounding her. She also lacks filters in most situations.
Madison is also a victim. She has had many things happen to her including a brutal rape that still haunts her, and it threatens to wreck the one thing that she’s wanted most of her adult life: a life with one delicious Matthew Cannon.
This is Book Four of The M Series, in which Madison tells you of her life before Matthew… including the brief relationship with her first husband, Adam Michaels, and his untimely death and her own almost demise.

Tracy Arnett – Reviewer for Spunky N Sassy Blog.


Wow! How can I feel so many emotions in one book: happy, sad, angry, frustrated, pissed off, turned on, disappointed and the list could go on and on. Madison’s story is so thought-provoking and emotional. Not emotional where you cry ugly tears but I will tell you I did that, but emotional where every emotion I have I felt reading this book. I walked right alongside Madison through her journey.
Ryanne Anthony pulled me into the world of those luscious and delicious Cannon/Harvey men yet again. I will start off with Adam, Wow! Hot damn! If you have read The M Series: Broken you know what happens with Adam, if you haven’t I will not divulge that here. Just say that I fell in love with Adam and he caused me to cry ugly tears.
On to Matthew, my heart beats faster when I think of him. Okay, but I had some serious WTF moments, and I wanted to slap the back of his head a couple of times. Man is that man hotter than Haidas. Damn! I thought I was in love with Marcus, then I fell in love with Adam, and I still am a little, but then Matthew Cannon comes into the picture, and I am completely smitten.
Madison certainly has lived a hard life and still suffers because of it. Her life isn’t easy, and neither is her love life, but what an incredible ride it is. Ryanne Anthony is an AMAZING writer this series just gets better with every book that comes out. I am dying to get my hands on Matthew which is book five in this seven-book series.
So should you read this book? Yes but only after reading Broken, Mariah, and Marcus first. I can only give this book 5 stars on here, but if I had my choice it would be getting 100+++++++ stars!!! I was pulled into this world again, and I loved it even when I was crying ugly tears. I am so sad I have to wait for the next book. All I can say is Ryanne write FASTER!!!! I love you and this series they are family to me. Now I am going to go back and read it all over again starting with Broken. Thank you again for giving me truly amazing characters that I love so much.

Ryanne madison book 4


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