Michael and Brenda Moretti supported their son, Bryan, to open his own book store because of his passion for reading and kept nearly every novel he read. Bryan Moretti ended up filing the garage with boxes of them.Not to soon after opening the shop a few city blocks from the house, he and his father get a phone call on a cold February morning. Brenda had died in a car accident, which breaks Bryan’s heart, and leads both Michael and Bryan down dark paths.To what length do they go to deal with their grief? Will one of Bryan’s pen pals be his savior? Is there a light at the end of a very dark tunnel?

About Paul Nosach

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Ever since Junior high school, I have been writing (staying up at odd hours of the night). Only recently have I thought of music to push me. Every book I’ve written has a soundtrack, which are carefully selected songs (from popular artists to the mundane). I always start writing and give myself a deadline of four months to complete a novel. But as we all know, personal deadlines don’t always pan out in our favour.
My ideal night for writing:
1) A hot cup of tea.
2) A crisp, rainy evening.
3) The best music.
I usually start writing at eleven at night, and don’t stop until my brain is mush, or I can’t spell properly.


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