“This one may have your heart beating wildly!” – Dark Return: Belterra, Book 2 (Time After Time) by Carol Ann Kauffman

Carol dark return

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Dark Return is the sequel to Belterra, Time After Time, and takes place about ten years afterward. When Belterra was populated long ago by a select group of humans sent here by the ancients in the hope of saving the human race, the indigenous race of bat-like creatures called the Batrach were forced into the ocean and underground sea caves by a giant force field. The force field has now weakened. The Batrach have emerged from their watery prison and they want their planet back.


This one may have your heart beating wildly!

Great series–I love them!!My review of Belterra, the first book can be found here. I have been eagerly awaiting this sequel!! I am happy to say I loved it as much as I did the first! This can be read as a stand-alone–but I highly suggest you read both.There are problems in Belterra–big ones! The Batrachs have decided to try and take their country back. A forcefield has held them captive in caves for many years. But now they have someone who can help them–who is it? This one may have your heart beating wildly as the Belterran’s attempt first to fight the Batrachs–then try to make peace with them. There are important people that are kidnapped–can they be saved?I really think you will enjoy this one–and it does segue into the Time after Time theme towards the end and sets you up for another one of the books! Great series–I love them!!

Carol Dark Return Belterra Book 2

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