Compelling collection of short stories from Mari Collier, author of Earthbound.

The third definition of skewed is to look obliquely. That somehow describes my mind as I may see things a bit differently than the rest of the population. To me there is always something more, perhaps something hidden or shaded by another dimension.

You’ll meet a boy who doesn’t grow old, a witch that wants to be normal, an Iowa farm woman battling frogs, a vampire that chooses to live in a sunny desert, ghosts, and vampires.

Reader Editor5.0 out of 5 stars Tales Conjured from a Mind in the OzoneReviewed in the United States on February 25, 2020Verified PurchaseThe author, Mari Collier, can produce the unexpected. I’ve read several of her books. It seems her writing mind happily inhabits the far reaches of the ozone. It’s as if she sets out to capture certain corners of reality through her writing, then imbues them with her story-telling ability. That might be science fiction or fantasy. It might be romance or mystery. It might be vampire! Whatever the case, her mind is way out there. That must be how she can write in so many genres.

Some of these stories are vignettes, flash fiction, mere snippets of a moment in time. Some stories are longer. Each led through a tale that suddenly jumped to an unexpected ending leaving me asking, “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

I’ve read a few of Ms. Collier’s books and will be reading many more. Whether in short stories or full-length novels, she is an author that leaves you trying to figure out what will happen to her story people, but it won’t be what you’d expect. Nothing ho-hum here!

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