The Glen holds more surprises for Hamish and Lori.The Templar’s Treasure (The MacGrough Clan Book 6)

Something Hamish never wanted to reveal must come out. Cadell must be told who fathered him.

The Glen holds more surprises for Hamish and Lori.
As the MacGrough clan prepares to celebrate a milestone, chaos ensues. A twenty-six-year-old secret will be revealed, the father of a child exposed, a woman rescued and another stands up for the love she and her soul mate have shared for years. Lori and Hamish’s 28th-year-anniversary party is off the charts.
The MacGrough Glen is turning up the heat. One ancient anniversary gift holds the key to the last of the Templar’s Treasure. And the supernatural talents of one of the clan lead to a discovery of another sort.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating Scottish secrets revealedReviewed in the United States on January 5, 2015Verified PurchaseCherime MacFarlane gives us a Sottish novel full of mystery, suspense, metaphysical connectivity, and pure fun in “The Templar’s Treasure (The MacGrough Clan Book 7).” Even if this is the first MacGrough clan book you read, you’ll not be at a disadvantage since the story starts in the present and you learn along with the characters as the past is revealed to the MacGrough descendants.

“The MacGrough Riddle,” written in 1748 in Glasgow, Scotland puts this book into gear and it never stops entertaining you for a moment. The writer has a great ear for Scottish accents and a mind for Scottish thinking, and these help the story feel true to itself throughout:

“Every doubt scuttled away. This chest belong in the glen, it was theirs. She wondered why it was dated the way it was. It had secrets hidden in its corners they would never learn. Who was E. MacGrough? She wished he would have signed his full name.”

Explore the history of the MacGrough clan and the secrets of the glen with the clan’s descendants.

You’ll be glad you did.

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