Bertha and Tillie find fun in doing just about everything together. But, sometimes Bertha is overwhelmed by the pressures of school, getting only A’s and competing with her friends for their attention. When Bertha’s cousin Penelope Mia decides to target her and make her feel small in many ways Bertha rebels. In Bertha Fights Back, find out what happens when she joins a gang and gets involved with the wrong kids. Learn about her tolerance and understanding program. Then read what happens when she goes to Dancing School, takes Ice Skating Lessons and Tillie goes to modeling school. Bertha and Tillie – Sisters Forever is filled with stories based on real life events experienced by the author and her sister, Marcia Joyce. The first half of the book is based on the author’s experiences as an educator in the NYC Public School System as a reading and writing Staff Developer and Dean.

Jeff Rivera5.0 out of 5 stars together you can do anything

Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2013Bertha and Tille are sisters and poles apart when it comes to personality traits. Tille is a looker, very sociable and her physical functions are normal. While, Bertha is physically un-coordinated and awkward. Despite the several issues that she is facing and the way in which people tease and mock her, Bertha gets through the rough times armed only with her good sense of humor and a sharp attitude.

With this beautiful story, the author wants to tell us how being an achiever and accomplishing something is not the only thing, the person you are on the inside also matters a lot. This book has a positive and uplifting message for all children. And if you have two little girls of your own then this book can teach both of them a good lesson.

It will set them free from issues like peer pressure, self esteem problems and teach them how to handle dilemmas in life. If you want your kid to grow up having a kind heart and sound mind then this story would be a wonderful pick. It’s a good lesson in tolerance, hard word and how to keep up when everyone is trying so hard to let you down. It will teach your kids to buck up and handle peer pressure. Above all, it highlights the importance of respect and self worth.

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