“Great start to the series.” – Viral Dawn: (Viral Series Book 1) by Jade Lazlow

Jade dawn 2

What if your world changed in a split second, destroying everything you thought you knew and thrusting you into a world where your very survival depends on every move you make, every decision, and every step you take? Every. Move. Matters.
An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly cloud carrying a genetically engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. High school senior, Casey Williams has taken refuge at the school with friends and others who managed to survive the blast and ensuing viral outbreak. They’re safe. For now. But supplies are running short, and tempers are running shorter as Casey realizes the time is coming they will need to get out. She is determined to lead her friends to safety only to discover that she’s led them into even greater danger. Determined to save her friends, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive.

Amber Hall

Great start to the series.

This was a really fun and fast read. It kept me hooked and not wanting to stop until the end. It does start slow but the authors building a lot of backstories which is really nice. A lot of reviews are saying its too short but that really isn’t the problem. It’s the first book in the series and its over 200 pages. The problem is you get to the end of this one and you want book 2 so you can know what happens next.
The character building in this story is amazing. You really get to know Casey and feel for her. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who’s a fan of zombie novels. YA or not its a great story. I cant wait to see where the rest of the series goes.

Jade viral dawn


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