Get swept away this Holiday season with not one…but two fun, sexy paranormal short stories! The last book in The Anthology Novella Series, curl up and celebrate the season with love, laughter and curl your toes romance! Check out what Santa has in his magical bag…

Dark Savior

Dr. Mara Prescott is on the verge of discovering a revolutionary new breakthrough for a disease that makes the rays of the sun deadly to those who suffer from it. A rare disorder that her brother lost his battle with, And she’s close! So very close…

What Mara doesn’t realize is, there are forces out there who want what she is so close to achieving for themselves. Those who desire it for their own evil purposes… and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

When Mara is attacked and kidnapped by beings right out of a nightmare; she knows that she must do whatever she can to escape these creatures if she has any hope to survive.

Rayne Masters, an intimidating Vampire; is the leader of an elite branch of the military. A secret sect… he and his men are called on for only those very special cases. And, Dr. Mara Prescott is definitely special.

When he is sent to rescue her, he finds that he just might be the one that needs saving……….

Can these two ignore the chemistry that pops and sizzles between them long enough to fight the danger all around them?

A Wolf’s Christmas Gift

Megan Daniels is not a lady who has any intention of celebrating the upcoming Christmas holiday. In fact, she absolutely loathes this time of year.
Nothing good ever comes from it.
Determined to lock herself away- she hurries through the throngs of people spreading their holiday cheer and heads home to her lonely apartment. Who knew that stopping at the local wine bar would change her life forever.

Jax Powers is a shifter. He’s also a hunter on a mission. He’s been tracking a rogue vampire for a very long time and is finally closing in. But when the vampire in question attacks Megan as she makes her way home, Jax steps in.
When he’s injured saving this lovely damsel in distress, he’s thrown for a loop by this amazing woman’s strength and warmth.

Can these two save each other from a holiday of loneliness as danger lurks in the shadows?
Can this wolf give this human a Christmas gift that she’ll never forget?
Join them on a magical journey and see if a little Christmas magic can do the trick…

It’s time to lose yourself to the Holiday spirit and find heart-stopping romance!

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