Family secrets, lies and subterfuge are about to find Hamish and Lori.Family Knots (The MacGrough Clan Book 5)

He shouldn’t leave her now, but there’s no one else

Living on his family’s ancestral lands has opened the door to an increase of paranormal incidents. It shocks Hamish MacGrough when his oldest son, Birk, and his adopted sister’s child show an increased aptitude for the supernatural. His own brushes with the ‘sight’ are developing.
Other things are changing for the MacGroughs. After the birth of their third child, Lori suffers from a mild case of postpartum depression. His longtime business partner and mentor, Warren, plans on retiring.
Hamish must decide who will manage the Los Angeles end of the business. To make matters worse, his father’s family who he hoped to stay hidden from have finally found him. Hamish’s cousin Catherine has an ulterior motive for seeking him out. As he suspects she wants something from him. The something she wants him to undertake will take him to a place he detests. The uncle he’s never met has gone missing in the Klondike gold fields during the 100 year anniversary of the actual discovery of gold. Catherine is begging Hamish to find her father. She traps Hamish in the center of a tangled family knot.

Al-Khemet Book Club
5.0 out of 5 stars GROUNDBREAKINGReviewed in the United States on November 25, 2014Verified PurchaseHamish MacGrough is your average loving, kind and caring husband and father who life decides to put through several challenges. These things in his path test his strength of character. Paranormal activities mount around his home and the younger kids seem somewhat unperturbed by this and in fact seem more receptive towards it in my opinion. The family he has tried his best to stay hidden from has contacted him. As he suspects, there is something they want from him. His dearest wife is suffering from a dark case of depression after giving birth. How Hamish handled his outer circumstances and rose from them will have you cheering. This is a groundbreaking family drama that hits home. Cherime MacFarlane has penned a book worthy of praise!

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