The bad boy of Bushmaster has found her.Rhythm and Blues (The MacGrough Clan Book 4)CHERIME MACFARLANE

But Cate is Hamish’s mutually adopted sister. Lurch has a problem.

Bushmaster’s rhythm guitarist Lurch Walker is ready to give it up for a woman. Long red hair, long legs, and green eyes have him tied in knots. Hamish’s babysitter has Lurch’s heart. A minor complication is Hamish looks on her as a little sister. Lurch thinks he can handle that.
Then his bad boy past rises to put an end to everything Lurch worked for. Worse yet people he loves are being threatened. But all he can seem to concentrate on is Cate. Lurch has the blues big time, now how to cure those blues, stay alive and keep Cate in his bed.

4.0 out of 5 stars Scottish bluesReviewed in the United States on October 30, 2015Verified PurchaseThe Scots are famous for their long-standing feuds so when I discovered such a feud in this one, I was nicely surprised that it didn’t involve any Scots at all but the American visitor, Lurch whose past he’d prefer to keep hidden. Really loved the Scottish dialect and in particular the initial fish out of water element when Lurch meets Hamish and Lori and of course the fiery Cate with whom he falls instantly in love with and (so romantic) refuses to leave Scotland without. Once they all come visit the states, the story changes quite dramatically as Lurch’s past catches up with him and it gets very scary for them all for quite an interlude. Would have loved to hear their music and if this is made into a movie, which it should, it would probably make a great soundtrack.

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