“Ms. Anthony has written a poignant story and I loved every page of it!” – I Wish I Wasn’t… by Ryanne Anthony

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At thirty, Lauren Ryals was a successful single woman with a biological clock that ticked like a time bomb.Truthfully, the ticking started a few years before, but the closer she got to her thirtieth birthday, the harder it was to ignore, so Lauren decided to try adoption.
Enter her old high school friend, Tevin Frazier, expressing his willingness to help her with that problem the old-fashioned way.
Lauren dreamed of a life with her high school beau, Gator, but he didn’t feel the same; he went his way soon after he graduated. Accepting this is the only way she will become a mother, Tevin and Lauren enter an agreement and have children.
At a friend’s wedding festivities, Lauren and Gator cross paths again, and he reveals he wanted more than her body, but due to the rampant rumors about her, he didn’t feel she wanted more with him. Now they are both available, Gator offers Lauren the life he wanted with her when they were teens.
Lauren accepts, not knowing that Tevin is interested in being more than just her children’s father.

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touching story

This is Lauren’s story. In high school, she was known as the “go-to” girl for pleasing the boys. She hated that reputation. The only boy she wanted was Gator who ignored her unless she was under him. Later in life, she became a successful businesswoman with a bright future. What she wanted most was a baby.
Enter Tevin, another high school friend. He agrees to give her what she wants the old fashioned way.
This story is a roller coaster ride of emotions involving a woman who just wants love and to belong. Ms. Anthony has written a poignant story and I loved every page of it! I give I WISH I WASN’T 5 stars for a wonderful story that will touch readers!

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