Why has he taken her if not for ransom? Lori fears the answer. North by Northeast: The MacGrough Clan Book 3 Cherime MacFarlane

Hamish warned her enough. With an idea for a new series of paintings buzzing in her head after a successful show, Lori opens the door without checking. A bag drops over her head and she realizes what a mistake that was. Hamish is several thousand miles away in Scotland and can’t help her now. Lori must use her wits to survive.
The damnable second sight tells him something is wrong. With his mother gone, Lori is all Hamish has. He’ll move heaven and earth to get her back.
Bushmaster reforms to help one of their own accomplish what the police can’t seem to do, get his wife back. An adventure story filled with love, loyalty and determination.

jan raymond
5.0 out of 5 stars An exciting and engrossing read!Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2014Verified PurchaseThe Macgrough Clan is a bundle of laughs even when the going gets rough. I remember them fondly from “Wired for sound” another Macgrough book, and it felt like I was meeting old friends again. This is more of an action packed thriller, as Lori gets kidnapped and Hamish has to use all the tricks up his sleeve to get her back.

The characters have grown from the last time I met them. Though they’re still a bit of a kick ass bunch, they have sobered down a lot and got more responsible. I love the accent (I actually hear it in my head as I read) To find Lori, Hamish has to travel all the way across to The U.S.A and Canada which are not his stomping grounds. He has to make do with what he can.

Cherime Mcfarlane makes the characters lovable and quirky, She knows a lot of information on varied subjects or she’s really done a lot of excellent research. This book is a well written, fast paced adventure which you will love. It is totally unputdownable, so get ready to stay up late as the author take you to a thrilling finish. An exciting and engrossing read!

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