Voted No. 2 Goodreads Listopia’s “Scotland the Brave and then some.” HIGHLAND LIGHT CHERIME MACFARLANE!

HIGHLAND LIGHT is a historical romance set in 1308 during the Scottish war for independence.
A bargain made of desperation …

Orphaned at a young age and raised by warriors, Gideon is more adept with weapons of war than with women. When a bargain is made to marry him off to the daughter of the MacGrough clan, he finally has the chance to have everything he’s ever wanted—a family of his own.

Men only want Ailene MacGrough for her dowry and lands, not her heart. When her father arranges her marriage to a nameless warrior she has never met, Ailene is certain he will be like all the others—motivated by greed. He will prove her wrong.
Let the games begin.


A Great Start to a Series!Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2015Verified PurchaseCherime MacFarlane’s first book in the MacGrough Clan series, “Highland Light,” is a promising start to a rather prolific looking saga.

MacFarlane’s characters were interesting, each with their own unique personalities and ways of approaching situations. The twists and turns in the story kept one wanting to know what would happen next.

What I really appreciated was how much of the Scottish culture was accurately portrayed in this book (right down to a glossary of Scottish cultural terms and their meaning). It really lent a sense of authenticity to what one reads on the page.

Overall, this was a great read to just sit and sink into for a while. Fans of the show “Monarch of the Glen,” will appreciate a lot of facets about this book.

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