The Godfrey family is Coming apart at the seems…Will Lisa’s secret be the ruin of them? BROKEN TRUST BY PAUL NOSACH.

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Born deaf from birth, Ethan Godfrey wishes to be the first deaf international model, but living with his brother, Eric, isn’t easy. As compromises are made, Ethan soon starts to face the Devil, which his father, Jeffery Godfrey, thinks it’s his son’s pure imagination and is being childish about the whole idea.
Eric tries to take Ethan’s side, but finds himself in a pickle when he receives a long-distance phone call from Lisa Godfrey, their mother, explaining her dire situation, giving Eric unimaginable pressure.
Can this family hold it together with all their lies and deceit? How will Lisa and the twins convince their father the Devil is real? As the questions start to build, the Godfrey family begins to fall apart, and there is more the Devil has in store for the Godfrey family.


suspenseful and thrilling

February 18, 2018Format: Kindle EditionThis was so different than Mr. Nosach’s other books but enjoyable. The Godfrey family is in turmoil and the author captures this. One son suffers from hallucinations or does he? Is the devil real? A mother has a wicked secret. All these things come together in a taut suspenseful tale. Mr. Nosach has dabbled in the paranormal before but this is for real. BROKEN TRUST is well written and it deserves 5 stars.



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