“At first, it looks like Cat will be bogged down in trivia” – February White Lies (A Cat Collier Mystery 2) by Carol Ann Kauffman

Carol feb white lies

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Join Cat Collier from January Black Ice as she starts her own detective agency, Red Cat Investigations, inside the gorgeous old Palazzo Castellano Hotel and solves her first real paid case, the case of Shotzie, the missing French poodle. Just when she feels she is destined to find lost pets and missing luggage for the rest of her life in her beautiful new office, complete with business cards, magazines in the waiting room, and her Red Cat logo painted on the frosted glass door, a lovely, mysterious woman named Ms. White hires her to find out who is stalking her. A dead rat in her car. Being run off the road. A car bombing. Someone wants her frightened or maybe…dead.

The trail of graft and corruption leads Cat into danger as she hides the mystery woman with the old, reclusive lawyer Detrick Bittmor for safekeeping.
Cat’s relationship with the handsome Erick “Carter” Larsen is put in jeopardy when she teams up with Officer Kiernan Scott from the Heaton Valley Police Department to unravel the mystery in February White Lies.


At first, it looks like Cat will be bogged down in trivia

After reading the first Cat Collier mystery, I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the second one. Again, the world the author has built is solid and I had no trouble transporting myself into the small town in Ohio where Cat is now running her business, Red Cat Investigations, despite having never been to Ohio. And even though I read this on a hot summer’s day, the wintery background was so well described that I found myself shivering while I read it!
At first, it looks like Cat will be bogged down in trivia, finding people’s missing pets and luggage until around halfway through the story. It’s a quick read so it won’t take you long to get to that point. The blossoming relationship between Cat and Carter had me hooked, although it seems like there will be a few skeletons in Carter’s closet that may cause trouble in a future story. There’s also a new character being introduced in this story who I think will be important to Cat in the future, as well as some developments in her relationship with her own family.
It’s definitely a five-star read and highly recommended. Read them in order though, or you won’t fully appreciate Cat’s journey!

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