“A shockingly exciting thriller” – Perfect Bait by Desiree Scott

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Nineteen-year-old Allie Walker’s life has been hell. She would do anything to escape. The painful experiences of the drugs, the beatings, white trash talk of the small town—anywhere else would be better.

Desperate to escape, she hitches a ride with a total stranger to leave her haunting memories behind. She can’t change the past, but maybe she can alter her future, even find the lost brother she hadn’t known existed.

As she accepts the ride, something heightens her senses. Was it his eyes? The air of innocence? With nothing more than her instincts screaming at her, Allie will do whatever it takes to survive.

Chef Rose

A shockingly exciting thriller

“Perfect Bait” is a horror-filled, exciting suspense thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat even after you finish the last page. The main character Allie is a survivor that will win your heart and remain in your mind well after finishing this first book in this series. You will be impatiently waiting for the next installment in this series. I highly recommend beginning this journey by reading this tale.
I received a free copy of this book for an honest review

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