“A TALE AS OLD AS TIME.” – The Choosing by Marta Moran Bishop

Marta the choosing 4-30-18

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In a world where the Gods walk and their spirits commune with mankind, there must be those trained while in a trance to intercede with them, for the good of the tribe.
Mondoani, a young woman, is chosen by the Gods to take the place of the Old Mother upon her passing. Is this frail young woman strong enough to carry the spirits of the Gods? Can she learn quickly enough to save her people from possible famine and death?For it will be her responsibility to carry the memories of all those who have passed from this life and to help protect and lead her people across the deadlands and snowy plains to a place they can safely spend the winter. But before she can accomplish that she must choose an apprentice from among the young girls and women, someone who can take her place should she fall.Will Mondoani’s youth and inexperience condemn the tribe to death or will she rise above it and with the help of the magical world choose correctly?

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This is the tale of Mondoani, a young girl chosen to be the apprentice to the memory keeper named Old mother. The tribe is prehistoric in nature and the author describes their rituals and customs. Although this is a work of fiction, the writer paints a wonderful picture of the life of the tribe in the day to day struggles to survive. Throughout the story, we read about the spiritual beliefs and the customs for Mondoani to follow to choose her apprentices and trust in the spirits. It was a short yet enjoyable read. I would happily give this tale 5 stars for great storytelling. Thanks to Ms. Bishop for sharing The Choosing with her readers.

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