“It was not too long of a story, and left me wanting to know more. ” – Nano by Isabella MacLeod

“Nano” is a continuation of the previous book “Metamorphosis” published in 2015. The epic journey continues with Miranda Macleod, after suffering with the horrible illness of “Morgellons” and the break up of her marriage. This mother and nurse finds true love, once again.

Gabriel, her new love, gets thrown into Miranda’s tumultuous roller-coaster life. He becomes Miranda’s rock, as well as her salvation. Miranda’s search for a cure leads her down a harrowing path, involving endless torture and Non-Consensual Human Bio-Experimentation. Miranda must travel halfway across the globe, where the terrible truth about what has been done to her is revealed and the fight for her very life begins.

Dr. Christianson is a beautiful spiritual scientist and is driven by her research on “Morgellons,” seeking truth and justice. Unfortunately, her patients end up being collateral damage in the process.

Alenjandro is like a demon spirit, always watching and lurking in the shadows of Miranda’s mind. Will Miranda be able to overcome her terrible circumstances? Only time will tell.

I Enjoyed This Book Alot.


It Was Not Too Long Of A Story, And Left …
I enjoyed this book alot. It was not too long of a story, and left me wanting to know more. Surely there will be a continuation of this story. The book is about a couple of ordinary people who have an unexpected and unusual adventure as they try to figure out what Miranda is suffering from. The story starts off slowly, then takes off with many twists and turns. Miranda and Gabriel’s relationship develops throughout the story in a combination of traditional and untraditional experiences. It becomes especially intriguing when the main character, Miranda, learns more details of what ‘nano’ actually is. Overall, I was pleased with the ‘read’ as it kept me interested the whole time, and I finished reading it quicker than I thought I would.

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