GET THIS BOOK FOR ONLY 99C! – Dead End (Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 13) by Award-Winning Authors Gerald W. Darnell

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All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.Is this the end of Carson Reno? Has he finally reached the end of the road – his ‘Dead End’? Is this Carson’s last adventure?While trying to protect a client for Jack Logan, Carson finds himself in the middle of a family feud – a deadly feud with skeletons AND bodies hidden in all the family closets.Murder, blackmail, infidelity, counterfeit money and, of course, the Mafia send Carson in search of a client that doesn’t want to be found. In fact, finding the client could turn out to be the worst solution for Carson Reno and his friends.Join Carson as he follows clues and stumbles down a road of mystery. A road with a bad ending – a ‘Dead Ending’!  A Page-Turning Crime MysteryBy Amazon CustomerA great crime mystery that kept me turning page after page. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Carson Reno is a captivating lead character fit to be a private detective in such a gripping mystery. Gerald Darnell’s writing brings all the characters to life, including Reno, and creates a riveting picture of murder, organized crime, and suspense in the small Tennessee town.

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a smart and competent character

Author Gerald Darnell writes a potent crime story in DEAD END, a spellbinding mystery that is fast-paced and exciting.

Carson Reno, a smart and competent character, has his heart is in the right place. He’s not going to quit, no matter what happens, no matter what it takes. If you’re in trouble, he’s going to come save your bacon. In this novel, he is set on a mission to find and protect his friend Jack Logan’s client. Where it takes him is into the dark side of small-town Tennessee; where murder, blackmail and organized crime reigns.

Though this is the thirteenth book in the Carson Reno Mystery Series Once, it can also be read as a stand-alone novel. Once more, you can count on Gerald Darnell for action both physical and cerebral, a bit of humor and romance, and a mighty good dose of adventure and mystery. I think fans and newcomers alike will get hooked and will want to read the entire series.

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