SANTA’S OFFERING THESE TWO BOOKS FOR 99C EACH – Captive (A New Life Book 1) and Christmas Candy (Sweet Christmas Series Book 1) by Best Selling Author Samantha Jacobey

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Captive (A New Life Book 1) 

by Award Winning Author

Samantha Jacobey

A New Life Series is an epic adventure. TORI FARRELL’s life IS one wild story… escaped from a biker gang and running from drug lords… used by the FBI and hoping to protect her present from her past… IT’S DARK – IT’S BRUTAL, and it’s WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! (Mature read, 18+ for graphic sexual content and violence, including rape)



I don’t know what bothers me more – the fact that this book (and part of the second one) kept me up until 4 a.m. or that I just discovered it was a 7 book series and I have to WAIT for the next four. Ugh. It is a testament to how amazing this story is that I am willing to wait and not just blow the author off and give up the series (like I have with other cliffhanging books).

This book. What can I say about it? It is not for the weak-hearted because some of the things that happen to the heroine are so awful because the author has written her innocence so perfectly. Because of that, when it is suddenly and completely ripped away from her you feel all her anguish at former “friends-mentors” turning into enemies. Everything that happens to her is horrid and if you have problems with sexual abuse, this book is not for you. It is graphic without being overly so (if that is possible) because the author stops before you begin to hyperventilate. It isn’t even the act itself that bothered me (much) so much as it is the heroine’s reaction in her innocence. She is a survivor but also a victim of manipulations just beyond the reader’s eyesight. You somehow know it’s there but you have no idea how it is going to play out.

The author has done an unbelievable job of keeping the heroine from becoming a “poor-pitiful-me-feel-sorry-for-me” character. She is unique and strong, yet still innocent in so many ways even though her life has been a nightmare. And even though she’s a young character, that never really crosses your mind (i.e., like some YA books do). This book describes how she arrived to the place where she is now free but you just know there is more – that’s how good the author is at keeping you on edge without telling you anything. You can hear the “da DUM” (Jaw’s music) because you know… “It’s coming” – the other shoe dropping. That’s what forces you on to the next book and then the third because you pray she finds peace but you know, you just know she’s not there yet (of course not, there are four more books).

I really didn’t think there were any books out there that could catch me off guard and surprise me. I’ve read so many and they are so cookie-cutter in type even if the plots differ. This one is so beautifully different and so well written. Someone reviewed and said the story is unrealistic. How does that person know? I’ve heard of and known of unbelievable things happening to people so yes, this plot could have happened. Even if it couldn’t, it is called fiction for a reason – just go with the flow because it is a wonderful (and horrible [for the h]) story.

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Christmas Candy (Sweet Christmas Series Book 1) by Samantha Jacobey

Life isn’t always sweet, even for girls called Candy.
Candice Parker’s life has never been easy. Plagued by losses and setbacks, each day is a struggle for the petite brunette and her young son. When fireman Gary enters her world, he is one mistake she refuses to make; but after tragedy strikes, she may not have a choice.
Gerald Ford has never been what anyone would call settled. Always keeping things simple, he lived a fast and furious lifestyle, with no intentions of slowing down. However, when he inherits his family’s ancestral mansion on his thirtieth birthday, he considers the possibility that it’s time for a change. Could this complicated young woman be his Christmas Candy?

Betty Welch for Fiction Vixen’s

A true christmas gift

Christmas Candy by Samantha Jacobey is a sweet story about second chances and starting over. And I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. This story is about single mom Candice Parker who has a son Dakota ,who has special needs and she lives with her mother who helps her out but is also a financial burden for Candice. Their are really having a rough time making ends meet . Candice works at a gas station one day meets Gary Ford who happens to be a firefighter ,and he just happens to come in every day to the station. Gary has been begging Candice to give with a chance even if it just being friends first. But Candice doesn’t have time for relationships or anything . But things go from bad to worse for Candice and her family fast ,and he comes to her rescue you got it Gary does. Will Candice learn to trust and give him a chance ,and will she learn not to be so distrustful towards people . Samantha Jacobey has give us a story with many ups and downs along with the emotions that go with them .Candice’s life is who rough for someone her age ,and well I was reading this story I was wondering how much more this poor woman would be able to came. This story was well written and the story flowed quite well . I could tell you more about this story ,but that would spoil it for you. I highly recommend that you read this story you won’t be disappointed.

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