Fantastic Creatures To Color: For Every Age Of Coloring Enthusiast by Judy Mastrangelo

Click the book cover image at the top of the page to take a look inside this great book! Judy Mastrangelo’s new coloring book, “FANTASTIC CREATURES TO COLOR” has just been released. It contains over 50 beautiful and fascinating pages to color. The themes include Unicorns, Dragons, Pegasus, Griffons, and other Fantasy Creatures. These coloring pages can be done by every age and level of coloring enthusiast. This book has been done with a new breakthrough method, called Greyscale Coloring. With this wonderful technique, you can color directly on an already shaded picture, instead of filling in areas in a traditional coloring book which uses only sharp black and white lines. By using this new way of coloring, you will be able to create a beautiful in-depth piece of artwork, which will be very painterly looking. It’s very easy and fun to do, since the light and dark parts of the picture are already there for you to color in. The tonal shading will show right through the colors and give your picture a very realistic appearance. Included throughout the book are wonderful examples of Judy’s artwork in full color, for inspiration in creating your own versions. This is the first of Judy’s books which has been published by “IMAGINATION BOOKS”, a new imprint of “DUSTY SADDLE PUBLISHING.” More titles are in process of being released soon. They include more coloring books, story books, etc.

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