5.0 out of 5 stars Superb romance in AlaskaReviewed in the United States on April 6, 2015Verified PurchaseCougar Hunt (Copper River Romances Book 4) is the newest offering I’ve read from the talented Cherime MacFarlane. I have come to esteem Chermine for her Scottish series of historicals, as well as her Alaskan adventures, but Cougar Hunt is a romantic tale which makes Alaska not so much a character, but more a perfect background for her characters. Nevertheless, the pioneering spirit of Alaska pervades MacFarlane’s every book, and makes you want to cuddle up with a beloved before a roaring fire.

Cougar Hunt centers on Linda Rae (Lrae), struggling to overcome her checkered past. Deserted by her father, she feels unworthy of love. The details of this will wrench your heart, so I won’t spoil things for you.

Joey is the love interest in this story, has emotional problems of his own, the most pressing being he wants Lrae to love him.

Alaska can be a cold place for lovers, when passion is overcome by fears. The only cure for heartbreak here is to find reason to live and someone to love.

This tale, modern and yet mindful of the roots of romanticism, will fill you up, ignite your own heart, and make you remember all the loves you’ve had in days gone by.

The story is intriguing, gripping, at times scenic — Alaska is always around you, a place a bit stranger than where you’ve been before. And so is the chance of love, of forgiveness, even of rapture.

Nor does MacFarlane forget our lust for adventure; she merely translates it into modern, attainable form. This book is elegant, simple, and immensely readable. If the right person rads it, expect to see it as a tv miniseries or feature film.

I highly recommend Cougar Hunt, if you’re a woman or a man with blood running in your veins and an adventurous soul.

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