Great steamy romance tinged with a hint of Northern Exposure-style quirkiness STALKING RED: A COPPER RIVER ROMANCE BY CHERIME MACFARLANE

Stalking Red (Copper River Romances Book 2) by [Cherime MacFarlane]

Red, Brenda Levere has been on her own for a very long time. PR, Paul Revere Jones comes from a big family, part Alaska Native and part white. When Red moves into his apartment complex, PR begins the hunt of a lifetime. He wants the prickly woman. Red throws a big glitch in his plans by getting involved with another man. PR continues his friendly interaction with Red as he bides his time. Reardon dumps Red and PR happily deepens their friendship. But Red is shy having been burned before. It is one tough hunt. Can he get her to the altar or will Red keep him at arms length as a friend with benefits?

Great steamy romance tinged with a hint of Northern Exposure-style quirkiness. Interesting characters, PR and Brenda, look for love in a unique setting. The grandeur and beauty of the Alaskan countryside is part of what gives this story a little something extra. Even more than that is the wonderful way in which the ethnic and cultural context enlivens their tale. Not just the history and traditions of the indigenous people that populate the area and the novel, but the adventurous spirit of the outsiders who chose to make Alaska their home. The author’s use of detail and description really grounds the story in every day life that is ordinary in many ways, but surprising, and even extraordinary at other times. Some of those details are poignant, a little bizarre and funny all at the same time–like how PR got his name and why he prefers to use initials. In fact, there’s a lot to like in the PR’s family and other secondary characters, including Brenda’s coworkers at the law firm where she’s employed. Fans of steamy romance will find a fresh take on the hunky male in pursuit of the woman of his dreams in this book. Challenges and obstacles to over come, too–like Brenda’s royally ticked off and unscrupulous ex-boyfriend. Will they figure it out? You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out. FIVE STARS

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