THREE AMAZING BOOKS FOR ONLY 99C! – Dangerous Games: A Lavish Triple Play by Samantha Jacobey, L.A. Remenicky, Sara J. Bernhardt

Welcome to Dangerous Games – A Lavish Triple Play!
This set features three mysterious stories from three of our authors with a connecting thread – when games turn deadly! These are young adult or cleaner reads, but they may be disturbing to some readers; caution is advised.
In this collection, you will find:
Teach Me to Prey by Samantha Jacobey
Rebecca Stewart had never let things get personal with her students. Jason Truitt and his friends enjoyed tormenting teachers, and graduation day wasn’t going to stop them. A twisted tale of passion, lies, and an epic clash of wills, Becky becomes the main suspect when one of the boys is murdered. Can she convince Detective Browning of the truth before all three of the young men fall victim to a killer, forcing her to raise her unborn child alone?
Summers’ Deceit by Sara J. Bernhardt
Jane Callahan had a home, a beautiful life, and an adoring twin brother. All that changed when he died unexpectedly, leaving her with a gaping hole in her existence. Running from the painful loss, she fled to her father’s house in Oregon, where she met and befriended an unusual boy named Aidan Summers; but his ghastly secret could destroy… everything.
Loving Jessie’s Girl by L.A. Remenicky
AJ Monroe’s brother has mysteriously disappeared and finding him had been his only concern… until he met Jessie’s girl. Rina Abbot hid her true situation from everyone, including her best friend, Jessie. Afraid to trust AJ, she tried to ignore the feelings he stirred within her as they searched for the missing man.
We hope you enjoy!

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