“What a magnificent grayscale coloring book for adults and children.” – Peaceful Pictures To Color by Judy Mastrangelo

Judy peaceful pictures to color
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This coloring book, PEACEFUL PICTURES to COLOR. is part of a series of Greyscale Coloring Books entitled Joyful Art Coloring. It is created by world-renowned Artist Judy Mastrangelo, for every age and level of coloring enthusiast. Within it are several delightful themes that you will enjoy coloring, such as FLOWERS, LANDSCAPES, ART DECO, WATERWAYS, BIRDS, and BUTTERFLIES. People will certainly enjoy coloring in these beautiful coloring pages based on Judy’s wonderful paintings. When you use this new breakthrough type of coloring book, you can color directly on an already shaded picture, instead of filling in areas in a traditional coloring book which uses only sharp black and white lines. By using this new technique, you will be able to create a beautiful in-depth piece of artwork, which will be very painterly looking. It’s very easy and fun to do since the light and dark parts of the picture are already there for you to color in. The tonal shading will show right through the colors and give your picture a very realistic appearance. The first book in this Joyful Art Coloring series is FANTASTIC CREATURES to COLOR, which contains Imaginative Creatures to color, such as UNICORNS, DRAGONS, and PEGASUS.New Greyscale Coloring Books in this series will be available soon, with themes about Elves and Fairies, Fairy Tales, Flowers, Animals, etc.

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Crystal Miles Gauthier

I colored the pages like a big girl!

What a magnificent grayscale coloring book for adults and children. I marveled as my coloring brought forth live images in my mind of colors and shapes I could only dream about. What a fantastic folly it was to go through each page to find the one I wanted to color next. Enjoy, I did and I am positive you will too.

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Judy Greyscale Peaceful Pictures To Color

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